Truth Be Told: Oakland And S.F. Are The Most Honest Cities Around

Just last week S.F. was dubbed a burgeoning hub for unattached ladies. Now, not one, but two Bay Area enclaves have been offered another sweet accolade — the most truthful spots in the U.S.! Pretty bold statement, eh?
Oakland (interesting?) actually swooped first place, while S.F. came in at a staggering fourth (sandwiched in between Boulder, CO, and Seaside Heights, NJ). The results of this National Honesty Index (conducted by, who else, Honest Tea) came from a set-up scenario in which a stand of unguarded beverages were up for grabs, with takers asked to abide by the “honor system” and donate a dollar for each drink snatched. The hidden cameras (wait, that's not very honest now, is it!) caught 100% of Oaklandites and 97% of San Franciscans paying up, meanwhile 30 other cities were tested.
What do you make of the findings? Do you think Oakland and S.F. really make the cut? But, better yet, what would you do if you could snag a sip on the “honor system?” We want the whole truth ...

Photographed by Gina Esposito