This Is Our Jam: Molly Nilsson, “Hotel Home”

Since leaving home after high school, I’ve lived in five different cities on two different continents, and I don’t think I’m all that unusual. It’s a fluid world, where the desire to stay put is overtaken by a senescent need to keep on exploring.
Molly Nilsson is a Berlin-based Swedish pop artist who has similar misgivings. With her new single “Hotel Home,” Nilsson sings the woes of life as a peripatetic over sepia-toned piano strains tinged with new wave. As she laments, “Our nights are never dull / Our moon is always full / I could have gone the other way,” she mixes loneliness with defiance. It’s a life she chose, but traveling takes its toll; sooner or later, even Nilsson will need to settle down. As for me, I recently purchased a sofa. (International Tapes)

Molly Nilsson—History
"Hotel Home"

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