Mirror, Mirror: Dapper Street Style Doppelgangers

There's no doubt street style sites capture some serious individual style. While the kids photographed may not be out to follow, or even start, the next big trend, they aren't all alone in their well-dressed ways. With a little investigation, we're finding there's often another person, across the globe, or even in the same city, that's on the same fashion wavelength. We've taken a few shots and matched up doppleganger dressers with their long lost twin, star crossed lover, brother from another mother, future band mate, or #1 nemesis, to show there's always somebody like you out there!

Checkerboard Chicks:
Face Hunter, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Stil in Berlin, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Dress Lines:
Street Peeper, Seoul, South Korea.
Face Hunter, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Overall Stars:
Face Hunter, Berlin, Germany.
Street Peeper, Brooklyn, New York.


Owners of a Lonely Heart:
Cobra Snake, Los Angeles, California.
Face Hunter, London, England.