10 Sexy Summer Fragrances — That Won’t Make You Smell Like A Carnation

Summer's not an easy time to be a sexy-scent lover. While warm amber and spicy basenotes make perfect sense in the winter months, those heady blends can feel distinctly out of place on a sweltering-hot summer day. It's almost enough to make a girl go running to the arms of a simple, clean floral fragrance — almost.
So, to keep your discerning nose happy this summer, we sniffed out summer's most seductive scents, courtesy of our favorite niche perfume shop, Min New York. From Kerosene's citrus-and-sandalwood Santalum Slivers, to Histoires de Parfums' tobacco-infused Tubereuse 3, the 10 scents ahead strike the perfect balance between complex and wearable, summery and drop-dead sexy.
Click on for 10 fragrances even the pickiest perfume nerd will love — they should make your fellow subway commuters pretty happy, too.

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