Food-Truck Fave: Save Some Coin on Miami's Best Organic Sorbet

One perk of living in Miami is that refreshing, cool treats never feel unseasonable. More than that, with so much local, quality produce, there's no need to slurp on processed popsicles or imported ice-cream. Down here, we can do better.
Take one of our favorite mobile eateries, husband-and-wife duo Tessa and Nick Mencia's Real Sorbet, for instance. After making frozen edibles for friends and family up north and paying their dues at New York's cult-favorite Van Leeuwen ice-creamery, the Mencias headed down to Dade to realize their sorbet-scooping dreams. All-natural fantasy flavors they've brought to life with our local produce include jakfruit, a boozy mango mojito, and – yum! — Florida cranberry.
Though the sorbet-savvy Nick, Tessa, and their eco-friendly truck are hard to pin down, you can check out their locally produced frozen desserts at their sidewalk carts. Also, if this post has you hankering for a taste, just mention it when you buy and receive $1 off Real Sorbet's take-home, hand-packed pints. Just keep up with their location on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget to click through to check out the mouth-watering scoops (and Nick and Tessa, too!).
Photos: Courtesy of Real Sorbet

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