4 Rad Retiree Habits We Want To Steal

While those who believe that Miami is filled with New York migrants and tons of blue hairs in nursing homes are whole-heartedly off-base, the city does have a rich history of retirees settling in droves. And, though senior citizens might not be prevalent in your daily Miami experience, the elderly certainly have plenty of influence around the area. And, dare we say it, style.
Sure, we've improved on certain concepts our elders have missed out on (namely: sunscreen and breathable fabric), but this "leisure life" concept has something going for it. So, we say, let's celebrate our elders and breathe new life into their, erm, old practices with a couple of chic additions and new perspectives on retiree style. To flip the old adage — maybe you can teach new dogs some old tricks...
A well-dressed seasoned lady of the 305 knows that any cardigan can use some serious spicing up. Nothing turns a button-down into a statement piece like an over-the-top brooch. No, we aren't talking a floral bouquet, one of those loud, curly pieces with all the springs coming off of it, or a feline in a hat (though, we did find some cool cat additions, if you want), but with this season's current art deco trend, sprucing up your lapel has never been easier. Find one with geometry to add literal edge, or a cool shape that twists the traditional pinned accessory.
Left to right: Topshop Unique Egyptian Cat Brooch, $35, available at Topshop.com; Marni Bijoux Brooch, $230, available at Marni.com; St. John Collection Crystal and Baroque Faux Pearl Brooch, available at Nordstrom.
Sunglasses Chains
retiree_sunglasses Two people love sunglasses chains: our grandmas and Snookie. Since we think both are precious but might not be our ideal style icons, we have decided to reclaim the sunglasses chain for day to night wear. The clever lanyard can avoid leaving your frames in your hair (thus saving you from unnecessary snags), and come in plenty of styles and sizes. Plus, you can do a sassy June Cleaver/librarian thing — even if you are wearing a deliciously modern pair of specs.
a-morir Love/Hate Convertible Dookie Chain, $260, available at a-morir.com
Game Night
Typically, when you think of adults getting together over a hand of cards or a bingo set, thoughts of your abuelas bridge club or those weird bingo markers immediately appear. Not so, with a new generation of Miami parties that're meant to take the wholesome intentions behind some good clean fun, and make it a little more risqué. Just check these out:
The Standard Bingo Night
With "Not Your Standard Bingo" on the first Sunday of every month, the hotel hosts a high-stakes selection of riotous fun...bingo included. Think Twister, ping-pong, and plenty of alcohol...and the winner can walk away with a free night at The Standard, too.
When: Every first Monday of the month, 8 p.m. to midnight.
Where: The Standard, 40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach, 305-673-1717.
Emerge Miami and Sweat Records Game Night
Enjoy some good ole-fashioned fun courtesy of Miami's finest Sweat Records (plus Emerge Miami) with a night of classic board-games (and newer additions, too, like Apples To Apples). Every third Tuesday of the month, the store invites patrons to come in, hang out, and remind themselves why competitive Candylandhat rules.
When: The third Tuesday of every month (that's tomorrow!), 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Where: Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Avenue; 786-693-9309.
Chalk Miami
Though also a bar, Chalk Miami has a more DIY approach to getting your game on, encouraging patrons to start their own ping-pong games and even hosting tournaments. Thought ping-pong might be a little too aerobic for grandma (and the dark, club-like atmosphere might be as well), there are more slow-paced games like Connect Four and checkers. Sign up online for game play.
Chalk Miami, 1234 Washington Avenue, 305-532-8662.
Photos: Courtesy of The Standard, Emerge Miami, and Chalk Miami
When we first started researching this piece, we were worried: Could visors ever actually really be reclaimed by the younger generation? The answer, with leather, wide-brimmed, and deliciously preppy options, is actually yes. Your grandpa's club attire could actually be given a fresh context with just the right amount of flair and cheeky details. The polyester pant-suit in the summer, however? We aren't holding our breath for that...
From left: Mulberry summer visor, $95, available at Mulberry.com; BIMBA & LOLA hat, $78, available at Yoox.com; Helen Kaminski Marnie Visor, $75, available at Nordstrom.

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