Don't Suck On The Beach With Miami's New Straw Law

It's a classic image: Basking on your beach towel, soaking in some sun, enjoying a nice cool cola, and taking in the sights. Nope, not anymore, says the city, who has officially banned drinking straws on Miami Beach. While such a specific law might seem baffling at first, apparently beachfront hotels are major polluters when it comes to the plastic suckers. Not only are the sippers not biodegradable, but the bright colors make them tasty treats to poor marine life who weren't bargaining for an impossible-to-digest snack.
What is interesting (and positive) about this legislation is that it isn't curtailing the fun we can have beachside, because, apparently, the major culprits happen to be tourists. As Local 10 reports, where there are condos, the sand tends to be clear. Hrm. Well, if a couple of hefty tickets (the fouls can cost you up to $500) can help teach violating visitors how to respect our city, we'll gladly ditch our straws, and hope hotels will follow suit. Sofia Vergara, you listening? (Local 10)
Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia

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