Meredith Fisher

Meredith Fisher
Fashion Editor/World Traveler
New York
Name: Meredith Fisher
What are you wearing? Most of my outfits span at least three cities, but today I'm clocking in at four. I just got back from Morocco where I bought this bag at a store called KifKif in Marrakech. I was looking for things that would make the transition from souk to city and it seemed to fit the bill. The pants are the only thing I own from Helmut Lang. I got the sunglasses at the A.P.C. outlet in Paris.
Tell us who you're channeling, if anyone: I'm channelling less of a look and more of a feeling these days. These pants and shoes make me feel very nostalgic. I bought them both when I went shopping with my dad. He has great style.
Which designer are you loving lately? Zero by Maria Cornejo. Her bubble dresses, sweaters, and I just bought a pair of snuggly merino wool leggings that I slept in every night in Morocco. Other than her, I gravitate toward French designers. A.P.C, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno and I love Claude Pierlot, though it's hard to find in the city.
Anything you're in the market for? High-waisted pants and skinny tops. I am tired of looking three months pregnant.

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