Uh, You Might Want To See If You Were Born During Mercury Retrograde

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We know (and dread) the effects of a Mercury retrograde: technological mishaps, logistical issues, and constant conversational faux pas. Whenever this planet of all things communication returns to direct, you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief. But, if you were born during a Mercury retrograde period, you probably feel some of its influence all the time.
For the record: People who have Mercury retrograde in their birth charts are not doomed to a lifetime of miscommunications. That said, you could be in for some strange interactions thanks to this planetary placement.
According to astrologer Annie Heese, you're probably a little, shall we say, offbeat if you were born under a Mercury retrograde. You're a quick thinker, that's for sure, but the comments you come up with and the jokes you crack aren't always conventional. You probably aren't the most outgoing person in the room, but when you do take the lead, you may be prone to going off on tangents.
This need to change subjects rapidly (and often) could mean you're the type to zone out during meetings, classes, or conversations. As we said before, this placement shouldn't be received as a death sentence for your social life, but if you get overwhelmed easily or shy away from intense discussions, this could explain why.
Some astrologers even suggest that a Mercury retrograde in your chart means you struggle with honesty, but, since pointing fingers shouldn't be the object of astrology, we prefer to think that this placement is more closely related to your need for a clear narrative rather than any inclination to blatantly lie.
No matter how, exactly, the retrograde in your chart manifests itself in your everyday life, you should view it as a challenge to overcome (instead of the final word on how you interact with others). With a little practice, you'll be able to command a room like no other — and, around the right people, your quirky sense of humor definitely has its charms. No matter how you choose to interpret this part of your chart, take comfort in the fact that Mercury backspins three times a year, which means lots of opportunities for you to find company in the confusion.
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