We Brought A Bro To MFW & Here's What Happened

Last year, $5 billion was spent on men's socks worldwide. I'm not sure if this is startling to you, but it was to me. Still, that statistic pales in comparison to the $60 billion spent on men's apparel worldwide. Suffice it to say, dudes drop dollars on threads (even if that number is still nearly half the money spent on women's clothing each year). But ask the average guy where he got said "outfit," and he may not even remember where it came from.

That's why when the first-ever New York Fashion Week: Men's came to town last week, I took pause. Who is men's fashion week for? Are the worlds of men's fashion and the seemingly indifferent men who end up wearing the clothes totally separate? If so, could I help bring the two a bit closer together? And, most important: Do men care about clothes?

My field research — conducted in Union Square — leaned in the direction of dismissal. Most men I spoke to didn't think much about their ensembles that day or any other. So, I decided to see if I could make MFW count for at least one guy, who was a self proclaimed "1-2 out of 10 on the care scale."

What ensued was a chaotic day spent with a new pal, Richie, as he explored the world of Fashion (with a capitol F) for the very first time. Obviously and truly one's dedication to style is as individual and varied as the person wearing the clothes. But, perhaps being closer to it, knowing a little bit more, and even trying on a well-fitting suit, might invigorate one's style bug on a whole new level. And, at least for one happy (and well-clad) New Yorker, a day at Men's Fashion Week was one well spent. Seems like, in the end, you just need to know a little more about what you're buying — and, okay, maybe you need a really good tailor, too.

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