Learn How To DIY This Awesome Geometric Necklace (Thanks To A Crafty Reader)

While we can't help but daydream (and, well, night-dream, too) about all the chic goodies we see all day long, there's nothing we love more than getting down and dirty with a DIY project that lets us create those super-luxe looks for way less. So, consider us inspired by this video tutorial sent to us by R29 reader (and total cutie) Meg Allan Cole, where she demonstrates how to make a geometric necklace with a few pieces of wood, some gold spray paint, and a bit of string.
Plus, with a power drill by your side, you won't even have to use any elbow grease — it's seriously that simple, and the results are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Check out the video below to get your crafty juices flowing, and be sure to check out her YouTube channel for tons of amazing DIYs you'll be itching to try. Our next weekend project? These killer neon colorblock heels. They're definitely calling out to us...but who are we kidding about the weekend — we'll see you at the craft store at lunch.

Photo: Via Meg Allan Cole/ Youtube

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