Advertising Win: Maxipad Responds To Commenter With Hilarious Video

The Internet is so full of trolls these days, it's like living in a horrible, horrible fairy tale. But every once in a while, one glorious moment rises out of the masses of stupid comments. This Maxipad Bodyform video is one such moment. While most brands respond to crticisim by either a. doing nothing or b. offering a stiff, robotic defense, Maxipad had us floored with its comeback to a long-winded, albeit funny, comment on the company's Facebook page.
The comment, made by a man with ample free time by the name of Richard Neill, got over 80,000 Likes on the brand's page for its sarcastic complaints about the unrealistic nature of traditional feminine product advertisement. A worthy issue if there ever was one! As Neill points out, millions of Americans have been fooled into thinking that buying a Maxipad is the first step to becoming a perfect horseback-riding, bungee-jumping, stock-image person. But, no more. Maxipad has cleared things up once and for all. Watch the video, but be warned. Your mind may be blown. (Jezebel)

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