5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 26 2012

Masa 14's new deck opens for warm-weather rooftop drinking. (Examiner)
A thorough guide to translating vintage shoe sizes for modern-day feet — how handy! (Quarter Life 202)
Hillary Clinton is seriously having the best month ever. First, she was partying in Colombia; now, she's hanging with Tyra Banks, Amy Poehler, and Chelsea Handler at a swanky Time magazine gala. (Huffington Post)
Dreamy Baltimore band Beach House debuts a new single that's perfect for springtime evenings. (Meets Obsession)
Lovers of BBC programs (or just a really good English accent), get ready to settle in by the telly: WETA is launching an all-British channel in DC. (Washington City Paper)
Photo: Via Beach House/Jason Nocito

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