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Ice Princess: Furry Eastern-European Headgear Hits the Streets

Talk about Spy vs. Spy: We keep spotting these fur (and faux!) ushanka hats with an Eastern Promises vibe on the street—particularly by our fave French photog Garance Doré. In these freezing weeks, at least you know these caps are guaranteed to keep you cozy. We love the part princess, part Russian mafia influence and the romantic air of mystery they contain. And we say we're ready to trade in our trapper hats for something a bit more Doctor Zhivago. Check out some of the looks we pulled from the streets of France, Marseille, and Norway.
Above, from left: Photo by Garance Doré, Paris; photo by Garance Doré, Paris.
Above, from left: Photo via Hel Looks, Helsinki; photo via Face Hunter, Copenhagen.
Above, from left: Photo by Garance Doré, Marseille; photo by Garance Doré, Paris.