Are Mac Or PC Users More Fashionable? A New Study Settles The Case

Carrie Apple
And in news we probably all already know...a new study by shopping research firm Bundle has concluded that Mac users are considerably more fashion-forward than PC users. Surprised? Yeah, nor are we.
According to a poll involving 700,000 people, it seems that users of the more design-savvy Apple products dole out more money at high-end designer shops like Barneys, Intermix, Saks, and Henri Bendel, while PC lovers favor the likes of New Balance, Nautica, Old Navy, and Izod.
Of course, the HuffPo and Bundle itself wisely points out that these stats also fall hand-in-hand with the fact that Mac users are generally younger (read: trendier), Macs cost a whole lot more than PCs, and 40% of the Mac users that Bundle polled also earned more than $100K annually, compared with 29% of PC folks.
Plus, we're assuming that Mac users tend to outnumber PC users in large metropolitan areas that actually have fashionable stores, eh? In any case, here's another reason to sneer at your PC-toting friends if you're doing that, anyways.

Photo: Via HBO/Bundle

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