Maayan Zilberman

Why don't you have any tattoos? I think any tattoos after 1992 are tacky.
New York, Circus '68 party at Home Sweet Home
Name: Maayan Zilberman
What do you do? I'm a lingerie designer. My line is The Lake and Stars.
Did you make your bra top? No, it's Miu Miu.
Do you have any tattoos? No.
Why not? I think any tattoos after 1992 are tacky.
What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen? A boy I dated in high school had a fresh tattoo of Taz doing a bong hit with a Canadian flag. He was a Canadian soccer player. That was 1995.
What about an acceptable one? My old trainer in Brooklyn had his name written in cursive around his neck.
What was his name? Elijah
Now that I'm sitting here I realize that my business partner has our logo tattooed on her arm which happened post 1992, so I guess that blows my whole theory. I retract my statement!
—Olivia Jade Horner

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