Holla! S.F. Is Dubbed Lonely Planet’s Best Place To Visit In 2013

It’s been one helluva year for S.F., and the accolades just won’t stop rolling in — from being named the best city in the U.S. to having the most hip neighborhood existing right in our own backyards — and it's still only October! Well, we can add one more feather to the cap, thanks to travel site Lonely Planet dubbing S.F. “the darling of America’s West Coast,” and listing it as one of the top cities to travel to in 2013.
And we're in quite a prestigious place, we might we add, at number one, sitting right above Amsterdam, which came in second. The reason we ranked so high (aside from just being awesome, of course)? The food, culture, and events, naturally. We’re pretty pleased to see S.F. on the tippy-top of such a selection of standout cities and definitely think it’s well deserved. After all, the aforementioned traits are really what makes this city so unique, so we’re tickled to see other peeps relishing in it, as well. Yes, even if they do happen to be tourists. Kudos, S.F.

Photographed by Angela Tafoya