Local Stationery Line Suitor Gives Us A Lesson In Manners

As much as we'd like to, we don't always remember to mind our P's and Q's. Thankfully, local stationery line Suitor and it's founder Jessica Murnane, took a moment to chat with us on an etiquette must--thank you notes. We're loving her advice almost as much as Suitor's stylin' notes and cards, which you can fall in love with, too, if you take a gander through our slideshow.
So, easy question, but why should we write thank you notes?
"I don't think we say 'please' and 'thank you' enough.These are such simple actions that leave a huge impact, and we don't do them. It drives me nuts. Same goes for thank you notes. It is one of the easiest acts of kindness. Think about how excited you get when you get a thank you in the mail, and then know that everyone feels that same way."
What are three mandatory occasions for writing thank you notes?
"Any form of a gift (physical or not), job interview, and a great meal (because of the food or company)."
What are three key components of a thank you note?
"1.) Use the word 'I' once, if at all. It is a thank YOU note. Make the recipient feel special! 2.) Reference the gift or gesture with a complimentary adjective (amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious). 3.) End with something pertaining to a future meeting, conversation, or a witty reference to something in the past."
Other than thank you notes, what kinds of correspondence do you suggest we add to our routine?
"A good, old-fashioned love letter, or a surprise note tucked inside a suitcase."

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