Try A Super-Fresh Cleanse On The Cheap With This Sweet Deal

With all the prepping for the seasonal switch (spring shopping and cleaning, naturally), it makes sense we’d want to show our bodies a little TLC, too. And what better way to dive head first into holistic living than a vitamin-fueled detox plan? Um, skirt and short weather is looming, people! But, really, it’s not all about the pounds...if you fancy glowing skin, more energy, and mental clarity, you’ll want to sign up for this cleanse, stat.
We’re turning to LIV Juice to stock us up with one-of-kind beverages made straight from the fresh produce of NorCal. That means you know it’s packed with the really good stuff. Choose from a high-intensity drink (made with more veggies), or a sweeter fruit-infused one. Wash down those winter woes with this must-try 3-day cleanse, and you'll be ready to face spring cleaning with a whole new outlook.
And, with Refinery29's sweet Reserve deal, we’re offering up the Woodside-based company’s drinks for only $179 (that saves you $120)! Yummy, health-friendly drinks on the cheap? Yes, please.
Photo: Via LIV Juice

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