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Lester Garcia

Les Garcia
Name: Lester Garcia
What do you do? I'm a stylist
What are you doing today? Browsing.
In your styling, what is inspiring you for spring? Color.
That's ironic since you're in all black and white. I figured this was the last day I could wear black. I'm very much into color/tonal looks right now. For Spring/Summer I see tons of color. But in tonal ways. Perhaps a tonal look with one different color just to play with it. I see all white, gray, turquoise, purple, and red... and throw in another color sometimes just to through it off. Right now I'm in all white with one black item. I also like playing with the silhouette: tight jeans with lose tops and vice-versa.
I loved Jeremy Scott's leggings for men and the bolero sweatshirt were insane!! Another great designer I'm loving is Kim Jones and always Martin Margiela.