Leaving the Dark Side: Models Keep Bleaching Out

Iekeliene Stange arrived at New York Fashion Week with a shocking, super bleached mop—we loved her fair maiden look, which just added to her eclectic personal style. Martin Cohn, the androgynous-boy-about-town, street style star, also unexpectedly traded in a dark brown 'do for all-out blonde, looking just as extreme, and just on the other end of the light spectrum. And recently Daul Kim pulled a suprise peroxide as well, with steps of the process on her blog and reassuring info that her scalp's still in good shape due to weekly head spa treatments. Do you think they can pull off this look? Would you give platinum blonde a shot?
Above, from left: Iekeliene Stange before and after. After photo via Sonny Photos.
Above, from left: Daul Kim before and after. Before and after photos via COACD.
Above, from left: Ana Claudia Michels before and after.
Above, from left: Martin Cohn before and after. Before photo via Refinery29. After photo via COACD.

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