Le Creuset’s Newest Color Was Made For Cozy Girl Fall

Fall is the season of nesting, of stacking throw blankets in pretty baskets and putting scented candles everywhere. If fall were a posture, it would be someone on their side, in semi-fetal position with arms crossed over a pillow, on a couch, watching Grey’s Anatomy. And of course, fall also means you’ve always got a soup or chili situation slowly simmering on your stove (or, if you don’t, it means it’s a good time to start).
That’s where Le Creuset, the renowned French cookware brand known for its Dutch ovens and wedding registry cameos, comes in. The legendary brand just debuted its fall colorway, a cross between cold brew brown and trendy stoneware grey. It’s called Truffle and it’s a neutral yet rich brown, not unlike chocolate syrup or wet clay. Or, ya know, a truffle.
For the Le Creuset newbies, here are some things to know: while definitely expensive, this is the kind of cookware chic French grandmothers pass on to their chic French grandkids. It’s just that durable. It can withstand higher temperatures than Teflon and it’s beautiful enough to display on your dinner table when you’re ready to serve.
This colorway includes the round Dutch oven, the signature skillet, the stockpot, the braiser, the signature saucepan, and the rectangular casserole. Some extra items include mugs, espresso cups and saucers, cream and sugar set, teaspoons and two very handsome French presses that look like they belong in an Aesop store.

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