Kristen Lee

Kristen Lee
Los Angeles
Name: Kristen Lee
What do you do? I'm a designer.
What's the name of your line? It's my name, Kristen Lee. I make shoes and bags.
What are you wearing? Acne jeans, my shoes and bag are my own design, and my hat is RVCA. I'm embarrassed to say it, but my shirt is from that thirteen-year-old teenybopper catalog, Delia's. They honestly have the best long-sleeve, skinny thermals on earth. Oh and my necklace is from American Rag, but I don't know the designer. And my sunglasses are Oliver Peoples.
On a Sunday in LA where would we find you? Having brunch at the Brite Spot and then Heavens Beach with my hubby and frenchie. —Gina Correll

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