Kreayshawn Could Give A F*ck About Oakland’s “Fancy-Ass Pizza”

We haven't had a lot to say about Kreayshawn lately, but Oakland's own "Gucci, Gucci" rapper has started a local foodie war of sorts, in a new video interview with a wacky journalist from Vancouver.
In the video clip, which you can peep over at SF Weekly's blog, the colorful rapper reveals some tidbits about her life, including the fact that her mother worked in the warehouse at sex shop Good Vibrations ("I did my homework around a whole bunch of dildos," says Kreay-Kreay, "It's all good."), that she lost her virginity to 112's sexy hit "We Can Do It Anywhere," and that she friggin' hates the beloved Oakland pizza house Zachary's.
When asked about the popular pizza chain, the demeanor of Kreayshawn changes instantly as she grabs the mic and looks into the camera with a hard glare. "Fuck Zachary's. Fuck that fancy-ass pizza, man. We don't eat that shit in Oakland. That's fancy Oakland. We eat out the taco truck in Oakland." Um, okay. When quizzed on her disdain for the pie slingers, Kreayshawn explains: "That's not in Oakland, that's in Piedmont. Piedmont is not Oakland. They changed their name to Piedmont because they didn't want to be associated with Oakland."
In any case, the pint-sized rapper ends the conversation on a more cheerful note, summing up her mission in life and music. "I'm out here being positive and just being a nice woman in this free world of love and prosperity," she says. "Wear condoms and recycle, don't drink and drive, and preserve water! There's not a lot of artists that care, but I care."
Photo: Via Kreayshawn/Tumblr

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