Your New Favorite Office Comedy Is Here

There should be a word for the acute sense of panic that sets in when we're nearing the end of a TV series and there's nothing up next on our must-watch list. Friends, family, and internet commenters alike are bound to offer suggestions, but who can you really entrust with your viewing pleasure? Wouldn't it be easier to just watch a reliable old rerun again? Before you settle for yet another '90s-sitcom marathon, we have a way better option.

We've got the hook up for the first episode of ABC Family's Kevin From Work, a new series that might actually be the perfect combination of a rom-com and, well, pretty much any one of our favorite office-place comedies. Before we give too much away — all we'll say for now is that you should never declare your love to a workplace crush just because you think you're leaving the job — watch the episode for yourself, and you'll own the watercooler talk when the first two episodes of the show actually premiere on August 12 at 8/7c. Full disclosure, we've already tuned in, and we liked it so much we're even including it in our weekly screening series at our Beach House. Consider your TV dry spell officially over.

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