You’re Using Your Washcloth Wrong

Washcloths have gotten a pretty crappy reputation in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to our faces. We've heard that they're abrasive, harbor bacteria, and are, in general, breeding grounds for nasty skin. Of course, you could solve a lot of these problems by buying a new, high-quality washcloth every day. But, in the immortal words of my father: "What do I look like? I’m made of money?" As a result, these pieces of terrycloth only appear as guest stars in our showers. But L.A.-based aesthetician Kerry Benjamin is doing her part to change that. The skin-care guru has released packs of itty-bitty cloths made from 100% bamboo. There are seven in each pack, and they come tucked in their own washable, travel-friendly pouches. Here's the most important part: You're supposed to use them to dry your face, not scrub it. “I actually leave the pouch hanging on my sink cabinet, with the clean ones stored in a drawer,” Benjamin says. “After I’m done washing my face, I use the washcloth to dry off, toss it in the pouch, and continue with my regimen.” The system is brilliant in its simplicity: Use a fresh cloth every day, and avoid the risk of touching your face with a dirty rag (or an innocent-looking towel that your roommate's boyfriend wiped his hands on). The bamboo makes for a plush sensation on your skin, so you don’t get the abrasive drag typical of terrycloth fabrics. “Instead of a cloth that will rough up your skin, you have something soft and soothing," says Benjamin. "And why not have a little luxury in the bathroom?” That luxury wasn’t the only reason she opted for bamboo. Bamboo is highly sustainable and has antibacterial properties. “Plus, it soaks up very little water,” says Benjamin. Wait, what? That may sound counterintuitive for a towel, but Benjamin (and other derms) point out that skin with a little moisture left behind after cleansing is the ideal environment for serums and moisturizers. “You’re basically sealing that moisture back in with the products you follow up with,” she explains. Benjamin suggests her wonder washcloths for all skin types — especially acne-prone. “My acne-ridden clients have seen results using these, since they are very soft, and because of the antibacterial properties of the bamboo,” she says. Looks like our old enemy just became our new skin-care BFF. Stacked Skincare by Kerry Benjamin 100% Bamboo Face Towels, $39, available at Stacked Skincare

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