Kava Gorna

New York, Rogan Store Opening
What was your style like when you were 13? That was the beginning of grunge and I was in Catholic school, so lots of pleated skirts but oversized T-shirts and sweatshirts and a green Polish army backpack. I also really liked baby doll dresses, and I remember I only wanted striped ones, and white jeans. I think I was still very confused and much of my influence was coming from the old country still.
Is there anything you're obsessing at the moment? Right now I am really into Jean Luc Godard again, Mark Flood, who is an artist I just discovered, and out of print photography books.
Any summer plans? This summer I am going to the California desert with my best friend from high school. I imagine I will be cut away from all society and sleep under the stars. I'm also going to the south of France for a wedding, but I really want to go to Hungary…