Daily Diversion: Justin Bieber Keytar Commercial Breaks Our Brains

Our issue with the commercial below isn't with the Biebs, keytars in general (they are, arguably, the greatest instruments ever created), or even this specific throw-away Justin Bieber Paper Jamz Keyboard Guitar toy ($9.99 at Best Buy).
It's the spot itself that has us completely confuzzled. We mean, it’s gotta be a parody…right? Those high schoolers are clearly in their mid-twenties – too old for hanging out by the lockers, lustin’ after Justin, or even playing this keytar sober – and the seemingly intentional early '90s production desgin raises more red flags than a Herman Cain ad. But then again, there’s a bizarre, disturbing earnestness to the whole affair and punchlines…where are the punchlines? Like, what the hell is this???

Photo: via Zappies.

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