James Frey’s New Book Is About A Pot-Smoking, Bisexual Jesus Living In The Bronx

Despite the massive Oprah controversy, we loved A Million Little Pieces. Okay, so maybe author
James Frey
didn't actually do all the crazy shit he said he did, but the "memoir" was still mega hard to put down—the dude can write. So, consider us excited/scared/enthralled by the scribe's newest work,
The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.
Eschewing the traditional means of publishing, Frey's upping up his art-world cred by distributing it through Gagosian Gallery (if you're not familiar with gallery rankings, this one's the big daddy). Gagosian has announced the book will have have a limited U.S. print run of 10,000, as well as 1,000 collector’s editions signed and numbered by the author. According to the gallery, the book tells “the story of Ben Zion Avrohom, also known as Ben Jones, also known as the Messiah, also known as the Lord God. Though he is the Messiah, Ben is not the man to whom Christians have prayed for the past two thousand years.” Or, according to Animal New York, "wherein an alcoholic bi Jesus lives in the Bronx, smokes pot, preggos a prostitute and shits on religion." To cash in on the hype make a statement, expect the good word to drop on Good Friday, April 22.

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