Jackie Kennedy’s Highly Amusing Love Letters Auctioned For $134,500

To know a girl, look no further than her diary or a stack of letters addressed to her object(s) of affection. While emails and blogs make the world go 'round, an authentically penned sentiment can still turn a casual phrase into a priceless memento. Especially if the one with the pen is ​a young Jackie Kennedy. Love letters from her younger years were auctioned off to a French woman who adores the late style icon, for a jaw-dropping $134,500. Twenty-two in total, they reveal a young Jackie with sharp wit and strict rules about (not) kissing. She compares love to being condemned to Siberia, declares never to send her kids to boarding school (“The boys can go to P.S. 148 with gangsters, and then go to Columbia & the girls can go to Hunter College and they'll all be morons but at least they wont have to tear around and get their teeth knocked out playing hockey every day.”—Oh Jackie). Scanning through, you’ll notice something refreshing: Not an “LOL” or a “WTF” in sight. And you may just find yourself inspired to whip out the old pen and perfumed stationary. (Village Voice)

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