An Astrologer Explains How She Responds To Skeptics

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Certain subjects can always be counted on to spark a heated debate — politics, religion, whether there was enough room for both Jack and Rose on the door at the end of Titanic. We'd like to think that astrology is a rather safe, comforting presence in our lives, but it can be an equally fraught topic if you bring it up in front of a true horoscope skeptic.
Where someone who doesn't read their horoscope regularly may naturally express confusion or general doubt if you mention you're an astrology devotee, a skeptic will tell you that you're flat-out wrong for doing so. They might go so far as to offer you their unsolicited opinion of whether astrology is "real" or not. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but no one wants to feel like their interests are stupid or not valid — and thus the temptation to engage in a never-ending debate.
So, how do you take an astrology skeptic's comments in stride? Tali Edut of the Astrotwins actually recommends welcoming their doubt, then countering it with information.
"I enjoy running into an astrology skeptic," she says. "If they don't understand the system of astrology and how the planetary movements are mapped — and how astrologers draw predictions — it might seem like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo."
If their skepticism is clearly borne out of a lack of understanding, there's a chance that reframing astrology will help change their mind. Edut says her first line of defense is to pull up her hater's birth chart on a mobile app to show them that astrological predictions and readings are anything but random. This kind of visual aid can help you drive home the point that "astrological theories are drawn based on deep and studied observation," she adds.
Emphasizing the system on which astrology is built (the planets' respective positions and orbits) can demystify it a bit and even make it more appealing to some, Edut says: "When they see that astrology is actually incredibly mathematical and systematic, they tend to wind up at least a little bit intrigued. We've even converted a couple into full-on astrogeeks!"
Of course, you might not be able to win over everyone by simply showing them how astrology works. It's not on you to try to educate those lost causes, but you can always send them a link to the Twins' fundamentals course, in case they decide to come around. As this writer can tell you, you can't convert everyone into horoscope readers, but the ones who are worth it will respect your interest in the stars.