Watch This First-Time Voter Tell You Why It’s Important

Maryam Turkey loves being a free woman. In immigrating to the U.S. from Iraq, the 22-year-old industrial designer left behind a war-filled country where, as a child, she became desensitized to some very scary things...including the possibility of her father leaving the house and never returning. Fully settled in her new life and home, the former refugee turned American citizen is now eager to immerse herself in U.S. politics — starting with voting for the very first time. Voting allows Turkey to be a part of the process and make a change in the way she sees — and exists — in the world. As we make our way toward the 2016 presidential election, we've partnered with TOMS to showcase the perspectives of first-time voters. And this brave woman's story is the perfect inspiration for us to get out and vote.

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