And The City That Hits The Snooze Button The Most Is…

ikeaembedPhoto: Courtesy of IKEA.
Mornings are rough. Getting out the door is a daily victory in itself — having breakfast at home? Fat chance. Turns out, it's not just us with a case of the no-snooze blues. According to a new study by IKEA, quite a number of folks across the world struggle to wake, primp, and eat in the a.m.
To help understand functional needs in bedrooms and bathrooms, the Swedish brand surveyed men and women in eight cities (from New York to Paris to Shanghai) to discover how often they hit the snooze button, whether they eat breakfast with their S.O., and other morning habits. Who wins the early-riser award? That would be Stockholm, with 61% waking before 7 a.m. Mumbai came in a close second at 59%, and Berlin in third place at 56%. But, despite its early-bird habits, when it comes to hitting that addictive snooze button, Mumbai is the most guilty offender. Overall, the results point to one truth: No matter what continent we live on, most of us crave peaceful, streamlined early rituals — but rarely achieve them.
When IKEA discovered that people aren't having the smooth mornings they dream of, it decided to focus its 2015 collection on making sleeping and grooming areas more user-friendly for sleepy eyes. Click over to IKEA's interactive data mixing board for more insight into global habits, and you justmight be inspired to get up for that sunrise on Monday.

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