ABC Carpet & Home's "Magic" Stencil — Not Just For Your Pad

ABC Carpet & Home's latest collaborators aren't your typical home-goods tastemakers. In fact, they're exceptionally different. In Pursuit Of Magic is a growing, global tribe of "positivity vandals" taking the world by storm — err — street art. What exactly does that mean? Well, instead of using their spray cans to promote negativity, the two ladies behind the movement are on a "crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in this world." Making our pavements just a li'l bit brighter in the process, don't you think? And, now our homes, too.
The spray-painted mantra serendipitously appeared on the pavement outside of ABC Carpet & Home's Union Square storefront a few months back — and the rest is history. The exclusive stencils, crafted by the infamous street artists, sell for $40 each. So, now you can adorn your everyday places and favorite objects with a little extra magic — whatever magic means to you, that is. Intrigued by these mystery do-gooders? Check out the video below (and their inspirational Instagram) for plenty more smile-inducing messages.
In Pursuit of Magic Silver Glitter Stencil, $40, available at ABC Carpet & Home.
d13d9a8452f411e3843012662e784cb1_8-335Photo: Via @ipmoffical.
ABC Carpet & Home's holiday window display, featuring In Pursuit of Magic.
In Pursuit of Magic Steel Stencil, $40, available at ABC Carpet & Home.
ipof-4-335Photo: Via @wandeogun.
In Pursuit of Magic Gold Glitter Stencil, $40, available at ABC Carpet & Home.
ipof-3-335Photo: Via @astridmeek.
1075823_624248864274822_1001704044_n-335Photo: Via @ipmoffical.

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