In Cape Porpoise, ME

Name: Tina Tyrell
Occupation: Photographer
What are you wearing? Moschino bathing suit, army pants I cut into shorts from the army surplus store, and sandals a friend brought back for me from Athens after carrying a drawing of the outline of my foot around for a month to ensure the right size
What's your absolute favorite article of clothing? An old oxford blue Diane von Furstenberg button down. Not so much for the way it looks, but the way it feels.
What's in your closet that you've never worn? Not even once? Nothing, I am a compulsive closet cleaner.
Why are you in Maine? 4th of July bar-b-cue!!!
So you're here for the food...Any particular meal come to mind when you think of Maine? The classic. Steamed lobster.
What are your top three favorite types of ethnic food/ Ethiopian, Japanese, Vietnamese. Or... Italian, Greek, and American. How can I choose?
Have you discovered any hidden restaurant gems in New York that you wouldn't mind sharing Yes! I love Thai Son on Baxter Street. I always order the #49, and it comes with a pot of tea. I can have that whole experience for under six dollars.
What's your favorite store in New York? Zabar's