I-Ella: Find Out How To Use Your Closet For Good

We all want to give back to our communities, but just writing a check can seem impersonal (and boring!). I-Ella found a way to make doing good easy, personal, and fashion-focused. I-Ella is an auction site that lets you list items from your closet for purchase. Once your stuff sells, I-Ella will donate a percentage from the sale the charity of your choice. We heard about I-Ella through Leila Brillson, a fashion blogger and Features Editor for AOL.com Switched. Leila's listed gorgeous items from her closet on I-Ella (we've got our eye on her Vena Cava silk dress). Her charity is Young Chicago Authors, an organization focused on developing young literary talent in our fair city. To get your hands on her goods, and to donate to this awesome charity, log on to I-Ella and use referral code LEILA.

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