Hybrid-Tastic! Check Out This Suitcase-Picnic Table-Speaker System Combo!

Seriously, have you ever seen anything like this crazy suitcase-picnic table-speak system hybrid? Neither have we. Which is why we were thrilled when it came flying into our inbox courtesy of its creator, Carley Jacobson, who studied computer science and visual art in Upstate New York before moving to our fair city and getting a gig at crafty DIY site Instructables. The lowdown on the crazy statement-making piece of furniture, below.

The inspiration:
"Recently, I've been really interested in home-decor DIY. I love the idea of repurposing and I have a hard time buying furniture new," says Jacobson, who has an online gallery of her other crazy creations over here. "I get more enjoyment out of buying used pieces and refurbishing them. I've noticed a lot of the blogs posting images and projects with vintage suitcases, so I really wanted to make a DIY project involving a suitcase. I was inspired a lot by Katie Thompson's repurposed suitcases at ReCreate and The BoomCases."


How to buy it:


Other crazy project in the works:
"LED leggings, a Lady Gaga caution tape costume, a bookshelf repurposed into a bed, knitted edible underwear, and DIY lace thongs."

How you can make one yourself:

Find out here!

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