What To Do If You Get Stage Fright In Public Bathrooms

Using a bathroom at work, at a restaurant, or really anywhere besides home can be difficult. The lack of privacy makes it hard to actually use the bathroom, and holding it in is no good. Gina Sam, MD, assistant professor of gastroenterology at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, spoke with Women’s Health about how to use a public bathroom without getting stage fright. Related: 5 Ways Your Period Messes with Your Pooping Habits Dr. Sam recommends waiting for other bathroom goers to leave or taking a walk to calm yourself down. Often, you may just feel nervous about using a public bathroom, and only need to relax. If those tips don’t work, Dr. Sam suggests drinking a lot of water. She explains to Women’s Health, "Drinking water fills up your bladder and makes your brain recognize that your need to pee is urgent.” Related: 5 Very Bad Things That Can Happen to Your Vagina in Old Age However, if you have trouble using the bathroom even at home, it could be a sign of a larger problem, like pelvic floor dysfunction. Talk with your doctor if you think it could be more than just stage fright. Click through to Women’s Health for more on bathroom habits. (Women’s Health) Related: This Woman Got Pregnant From Having Anal Sex

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