The Secret To Polished, Voluminous Hair

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Flustered in the morning or desperate for a midday pick-me-up? Dry shampoo is the ultimate quick fix for tired or need-to-be-tamed tresses. Just a spritz of the stuff will lift lifeless locks, and, ultimately, refresh your entire beauty look.
Dry shampoo, which is available in powder or spray, has three main uses: combatting oil, styling, and creating volume. Ahead, we've outlined each.

Getting Rid Of Oil
The most popular purpose of dry shampoo is to hide dirt and remove oil. Powdered dry shampoo works best for blondes or ladies with highlights. Aside from hiding oil, some powders may also help to conceal dark roots on highlighted hair.

When applying powder, section off hair and sprinkle on the roots, focusing on the part, the hairline, and the crown of your head. This is where hair tends to get oily from workouts or environmental impurities. Once the powder is sprinkled on, massage it into your scalp, allowing it to fully absorb. Powder can be tricky for brunettes, as it can leave roots looking dull and matte; instead, dark-haired ladies should look for a liquid formula.
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Want to get a professional-looking bun or up-do at home? Texture is key for creating an up-do, and dry shampoo powder is an easy way to create it. To prep, apply the powder in sections before you back comb; this will help to lock in the tease. Let the powder sit on the scalp for a couple of minutes before styling, combing, or blowdrying, so it can absorb your scalp's excess oils.

While powder can be used during the actual styling process, the spray formula is best used to give added tousle and texture to the ends of your hair. Flip your head over and spray through the roots and ends, holding the bottle at an arm’s length. Make sure never to spray too close to the scalp!
Spray formulas also work to add grip to bobby pins, keeping them from slipping out of your hair when you're styling an up-do. Spray the bobby pins themselves with dry shampoo to make the pins stay in place better, securing the hairstyle.
Women with bangs should use dry shampoo to keep hair on the forehead from sticking to the skin. Instead of spraying all over your bangs, focus the spray underneath them. This is especially important in hotter temperatures when humidity pulls hair down and bangs end up almost suctioned to the forehead.
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While dry shampoo powder is best for greasy, dirty strands, spray is best for adding volume and texture. Flip your head over and spray generously, tousling with your fingers. Follow by focusing on the roots, and then finish by spraying all over. The dry shampoo will give too-slick hair an undone, piece-y texture that looks effortless. This works, in effect, because the starch in the dry shampoo coats each strand and absorbs its excess oils, making it feel matte to the touch.

We recommend you get into the habit of carrying around a small bottle, ready to be whipped out anytime your strands look distressed!

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