How To Get A Job
What It REALLY Feels Like To Interview For A Job

Trust us on this one - interviewing isn't easy.

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Ah, the job interview. Getting one always feels like a win — your résumé passed the test, and you've moved on to the next round. Writing the cover letter was the hardest part. After all, you're oh-so charming! What could go wrong? You and the interviewer will discuss your similar interests ("Oh, you ALSO eat tofu cream cheese straight from the container?") and the interview will feel like a chat between friends. Then they'll offer you a job and money will pour onto your feet. That's what happens, right? Right?! RIOT's new career guide, How To Get A Job, explores the humor (and horror) involved in job-searching. For its third episode, host Mitra Jouhari doesn't pull any punches. "Let me be clear," she says. "You will royally fuck up an interview." Maybe you'll mistake a handshake for a hug. Maybe you'll babble about drugs a little too much. Regardless, you have to keep interviewing. If you are on the job market, we do recommend checking out our guide to interview questions you should know by heart. We can't promise it will prevent all future social mishaps, though it could prevent the next mid-interview tangent.
How To Nail An Interview - Interview SkillsReleased on September 20, 2016

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