3 Chicago Bloggers Tell You How To Look Like Ryan Gosling

The boys behind
The Midwestyle
are our friends, and if you need proof of that, click the link below. They've clearly got our best interests at heart in their most recent contribution to Details, a guide that explains how to dress like
Ryan Gosling
, if you've got the guts to attempt it. We can always use more Gos in our lives, but we're wondering if it's even worth trying to imitate the master. Inspired by three Ry-Gos-packed films, the how-to is illustrated by photos of The Midwestyle's Jeff Kieslich pulling off each ensemble with a sexy confidence all his own. How did the boys do? Is a spot-on Gosling look attainable, or should we all just keep dreaming? (Details)

how to look like ryan gosling
Photo: Via Details

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