Insanely Simple Techniques For Perfecting The Top Knot

2Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Timelessly chic, top knots are one of our favorite, quick hairstyles. Whether towering high and voluminous or twisted sleek and tight, the versatile look works on all of us; the trick is knowing the right techniques.
From edgy and undone to sleek and structured, read on to learn to create a top-notch top knot.
Sleek Vs. Textured

Sleek Top Knot Prep
For straight or wavy strands, wet the hair at the roots and use a soft-bristle brush while blowdrying from roots to mid-shaft so strands are perfectly smoothed out when gathering them into the pony. This is a great second-day style for curly hair that has been blown out or straightened! If you have trouble with bumps, the soft bristle brush should always be your go-to for smoothing.


Use a quarter-size of Oribe Gel Serum to smooth your roots back when gathering hair into a pony. Complete the process with a finishing spray once the top knot is in place.

Textured Top Knot Prep
For straight or wavy strands, after a quick blowdry, wrap small, random sections of hair on the top of the head around a 3/4-inch iron to give it texture. This can be done quickly and imperfectly since the goal is to add a little extra movement and volume to the roots. The top knot works best with hair that is not freshly clean, especially for the textured style.

Use a texture spray such as Keratese V.I.P. Volume in Powder to add volume and a finishing spray once the top knot is in place.

2Photographed by Ben Ritter.

Styling Technique For Both Sleek & Textured Top Knots
Start by flipping your head over to gather hair into a very high ponytail on top of your head. For the sleek top knot, the hair in the back of the head should be completely smooth, and every section of the hairline should be brushed straight up as you gather it all. Hold the base of the pony and pull the hair tie from your wrist over the pony and twist it into a figure eight.

When you get to the last loop, don’t pull the hair all the way through. Leave the loop and taking the tail, divide it into two even sections. If you’re going for sleek, tightly tie the tail in a knot around the loop of hair. If you’re opting for a messy-chic, textured look, tie the tail loosely in a knot around the loop of hair. Place bobby pins to secure and arrange hair at the base. For the textured top knot, loosen and pull apart hair to your liking, using the pins to secure and arrange the style.

Top Knot Maintenance
Quick and easy to create, the topknot is just as effortless to maintain. While we love a polished and structured style for an elegant event, the subtly messy, textured look is chic for every occasion. That purposefully undone vibe means there's no pressure to have a finished and polished appearance, and it makes this style the ultimate fix for midday, slightly dirty hair. Keep these top knot tips in your back pocket, along with a hair tie and a few bobby pins, for busy days or a bit of post-gym polishing.

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