Hosting a Housewarming? Here’s How To Decorate Without Ruining Your Walls

If you’re waiting to host a housewarming party until you finally sign a mortgage or occupy more than 500 square feet, let me persuade you to reconsider: Every space deserves a christening — even if it’s just an excuse to force all your friends to commit to a social plan without bailing. It’s time to unpack those boxes, clean your new countertops, whip out the requisite cheese board, and allow your new home, however big or small, to absorb the warmth and good wishes of your loved ones (and that upstairs neighbor you awkwardly felt obliged to invite). 
And while throwing a party before you’ve fully decorated your apartment may seem like a nerve-wracking endeavor, you don’t need a degree in interior design to make your new place presentable. We took the easy, no-tools-required, no-excuses route, and, in the spirit of not putting off this party for another six months, whipped out the newly released Command®️ Adjustables™️ Products — which can be repositioned up to three times in the first 20 minutes, so you can get your decorations just right without damaging your new space.
Now that you’ve committed to hosting, read on for four easy ways to actually pull off your housewarming. 

Make A Lasting First Impression

A successful party starts with a great first impression. Welcome guests into your new space with a paper banner that screams, “This is what adult hosting looks like, even if I did eat frozen pizza last night!” New homes are typically characterized by intimidatingly bare white walls, and in the absence of permanent decorations, a banner hung with Command®️ Adjustables™️ Hooks is an easy alternative to ensure your party feels appropriately festive.  

Skip The Scene-y Restaurant & Host An At-Home Brunch

Accomplish the impossible and get your friends out of bed before noon with a hybrid brunch turned housewarming party. You’ll kill two birds with one stone — getting together in your new space and sharing everyone’s favorite weekend meal — without having to wait in an endlessly long line at an overhyped restaurant. Stock up on fluffy pastries and fresh coffee, and, of course, add some wall decor that keeps with the theme. We selected a simple banner that kind of says it all.

Liven Up Your Basic Spread

Once you’ve laid out your spread, give it some extra flair with a shimmering paper ornament (here, very appropriately in the shape of a home) to hang above the table. Whether you get creative and make your own or purchase one at your local arts and crafts store, it’s a quick and easy décor element that you can tie into any theme. 

Set The Mood With The Right Lighting

If an evening get-together is more your speed, twinkle lights are the perfect alternative to that glaring fluorescent overhead light in your living room. We chose a set that’s appropriate for year-round festivities, but holiday bulbs work this time of year, too. Attach them to your wall with Command®️ Adjustables™️ Clips and then take them down after your last guests leave — without the worry of damaging your walls.

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