Level VI: How To Cut Perfect Matchstick Carrots

Photography by Danny Kim; Food Styling by Lauren Gerrie.
"Julienne" might be a scary-sounding cooking term, but it just means long, thin matchstick shapes. Once you've demystified the word, learning to do it yourself really isn't so tough. This technique creates perfect little strips of veggies to add to salads, sides, and more. So, next time you're in the kitchen, impress your friends with matchstick carrots; it's easier than it sounds! You can also apply this method to other vegetables — peppers, celery, and more. 1. Cut off the top of your carrot and set aside. Then chop off the narrow bottom part. 2. With your non-chopping hand in a bear-claw shape, hold the carrot steady while you slice carrot sticks in a downward motion. 3. Then, cut down each of your carrot sticks into thinner, baby-carrot sticks. You just julienned!

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