Hillary Clinton & The Chanel-Inspired Jacket: A Love Story On Repeat

The Huffington Post pointed out a curious fact about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today: She wore two similar, Chanel-esque jackets nearly back-to-back this week. And she did the same thing in February. And in March. Don't get us wrong: We can't fault anyone for having a go-to uniform (ours just happens to be a chambray shirt, not a power suit), and we're well aware of the fact that Clinton is an especially busy lady. But it does seem a little odd to recycle the same two pieces in the same order, three months going.
Our only guess? Maybe they are, in fact, real Chanel jackets, and she's attempting to lower the cost-per-wear with some repeat performances. On another note, we'd be ever so pleased to have a sit-down with Clinton's hair stylist, because those mid-length locks aren't very flattering. We think she'd look super-chic with a polished bob — what say you? (Huffington Post)

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