Peep The Happiest Cities In The U.S. — & See How Ours Stacks Up

Golden Gate Bridge
If this vintage South Park clip is any indication, San Franciscans are sometimes just a little bit smug about how insanely good the lifestyle is out here. Which is why we aren't totally surprised to see our fair city sitting at the #3 spot on a newly released list of the Happiest Cities in America, on The Daily Beast.
The real question, perhaps, is who bested us? That would be Washington D.C., with a 100 out of 100 "happiness score" and Boulder, Colorado with 99.36. What is this happiness score, you ask? It's basically a mash-up of several factors, including unemployment rates, the percentage of families making over $100,000 annually, and the average number of sunny days per year.
San Francisco ended up pulling in 98.73 points based on an 8.5% unemployment rate, 45.8% of families earning $100K+, and 160 sunny days per year (let's all remind ourselves of this once Fogust is upon us). And nipping at our heels is our just-about-as-happy Southern neighbor, San Jose, which is sitting pretty at 98.09 on the happy meter.
Other cities making the list include Boston, Honolulu, and Lincoln, Nebraska. Check out the full results here, and feel free to use this as a recruitment tool to get your friends to move on out here.

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