The One Product That Saved My Fried Hair

I am the ultimate lazy girl when it comes to my hair. While I'll happily spend an hour in front of the mirror painting my face on, I typically look for hair products that provide maximum impact with minimal fuss. My regular hair routine takes two minutes, tops. You may ask, then, why I decided to dye my hair a fairly high-maintenance shade of blond about a week ago. Everyone told me that once I went blond, my hair would require a lot more help to get it looking its best. Well, I'm here to tell you that couldn't be further from the truth. Friends, meet Hair Balm by Hairstory: The product has single-handedly fixed my post-double-process woes, specifically the major texture shift. My normally frizzy waves were now stretched out and undefined thanks to the bleach. But Hair Balm has remedied all of that. The balm is specially formulated for dry, bleached, or colored-to-death hair. What makes Hair Balm unique is that you can use it in a few different ways. Since I like to air-dry my frizzy, wavy hair, I apply a liberal amount of the product to my wet strands from root to tip (about four pumps). Then, once my hair is dry, I'll use another half-pump to redefine my waves and break them up for a touch more texture. The water helps break up the waves again, and the balm infusion re-texturizes my strands. The result is a soft, non-greasy style that lasts all day. Unlike other balms, this concoction doesn't make things crunchy or stiff. Instead, your hair is smooth and touchable once the balm dries. Every time you use it, Hair Balm injects your strands with major hydration thanks to a gentle blend of botanical oils. I now only wash my hair once a week to minimize additional damage to my bleached strands, and Hair Balm is also clutch for reviving my second- or third-day waves. Following the advice of my stylist Wes Sharpton (who works at Hairstory in New York City), I've dissolved two pumps of hair balm in water in an atomizer, which I spritz on my hair every morning I don't wash it. It helps bring new life to my waves and adds a delicious dose of moisture. I now believe that there is nothing this balm can't do with my hair, and I've started relying on it to keep my bleached-out strands alive. Now, if only Hair Balm could solve some of the other problems in my life — like, say, how to spot a flaky dude on Bumble — it would truly be a miracle. Hairstory Hair Balm, $36, available at Hairstory.

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