These 5 Hair Stories Are All Sorts Of Inspiring

Our hair is a very personal thing. For some, our style or texture represents our culture, heritage, and may even have historical significance. While for others, it's simply one of our many forms of self-expression. Either way, we all have a story hidden somewhere behind our signature style — whether we love to experiment with a variety of bold looks or we've learned to embrace the texture our mamas so thoughtfully #blessed us with.
On a quest to uncover what these personal stories might be, we partnered with Dyson and asked five women to divulge the meaning behind their hair style, type, cut, or texture — from one woman's story about an on-the-whim haircut to another's decision to go natural in order to set a positive example for her daughter. Plus, we asked pro hairstylist Sirsa Ponciano to give us tips on how to recreate each look using the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer and its unique attachments and features. Are we super nosy? Perhaps. But are we glad we asked? 1,000%.


Vintage Vibing
“The time period that I’m most inspired by is the '70s — the bell-bottoms, chunky shoes, and matching sets were so awesome. But I’m also in awe of that time because people were standing up for themselves and protesting for what was right — almost, in a way, setting an example for what’s going on today. When I fluff up my hair, it gives me major vintage vibes and makes me feel confident and strong.”
New Standard
“I used to wear my hair straight, trying to conform to beauty standards pushed upon me through magazines and media. Then, come high school, I started to embrace my heritage and got closer to my family’s West Indian roots. I realized that that connection was more beautiful than trying to conform.”
Tried & True
“I strive to be an honest person all day, every day. Wearing my hair natural does just that — it represents who I am and where I come from, and I feel like I’m being true to myself. It feels easy to just be me.
After applying a curl cream or mousse, use the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer — along with its diffuser attachment specifically engineered for achieving curl definition and to help reduce expansion — on a low heat setting, being careful not to disturb your hair until it's about 90% dry. Then, you can start manipulating your roots to get it bigger by thoughtfully breaking up the curl pattern.


Play It Up
“While my hair is naturally straight, I love wearing it with slight body and wave to it because it actually makes me feel more mature. Growing up in Korea, our schools wouldn’t allow us to curl or color our hair. So after class, I’d always go over to a friend's house and play with my hair to try to look older. I feel like a professional adult when it’s wavy.”
Chop Chop
“My bangs were cut on a whim about a year ago. At the time, I knew I wanted to do something new and interesting but didn’t quite know what. One night after a few cocktails, I asked my friend to just chop them — and she did! She ended up cutting off way too much, but I loved how they accentuated my face and freckles, so I’ve kept them ever since.”
On naturally straight hair types or textures that might not hold a curl well, always start by applying a blowdry lotion to damp hair. Then, separate your hair into six sections, and use a round brush and the concentrator nozzle, which delivers precise airflow, to add body in a snap.


Let It Go
“Having grown up in Jamaica, we were always told to chemically straighten our hair so that it’s neat for school and easier to manage. Even now, my family wants me to keep my hair tidy, but I decided it was so much more important to me to wear my hair natural and keep it healthy.”
Born This Way
“I have an 18-month-old, so I want to set a positive example for her that you can wear your hair any way you choose. I used to protect my hair with extensions, but I didn’t want my daughter to think that mommy has long, straight hair. No, mommy has natural curly hair with a different texture. I want her to see me embracing my natural self — and our culture.”
Curl Appeal
“When I stretch my curls into a look that’s fuller, I feel more feminine, confident, and even sexier because, TBH, there’s more to play with!”
When diffusing delicate coily hair, avoid extreme heat damage and preserve your hair's natural shine by using the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer with its unique intelligent heat control. Dry your hair until your curls are fully dry — being careful not to disturb the natural curl pattern. Then, create your desired volume by lifting your roots with a comb or pick.


Make Waves
“I strive to be carefree in my day-to-day life, but in all reality, it's easier said than done. Sometimes my straight hair feels too severe and uptight, so I like to create fun waves that feel more me — relaxed and casual.”
See The Light
“People always assume that blondes aren't very intelligent, and being a model on top of that doesn't help. I often get completely overlooked as an intellectual, yet I don't feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. The people who know me know that I have thoughtful opinions and can hold my own in any conversation.”
Change Up
“I tend to get really bored with my hair, so I’ve been known to switch things up every now and again. I’ve gotten bangs, dyed my hair red, and even colored it blue for a shoot. Each look gives me the opportunity to be someone else or play up a different persona, which is always fun to experiment with.”
To create easy, loose waves with minimal heat damage, use a hair dryer with ultra-fast drying technology. Start by parting your hair down the middle. Twist the first section, and hold it with some tension. Blowdry until the first section of hair is completely dry, and then repeat the twist-and-dry technique section by section. Finally, pull apart your waves and zhush with your fingertips. If you want slightly tighter curls, simply part your hair into more sections at the beginning.


Sign Us Up
“As an aspiring model, I always thought that I needed long hair in order to get signed to an agency. Then, two years ago, I was inspired by a singer I follow to cut it short and decided to just go for it. Funnily enough, within a couple months of making the chop, I got scouted and signed.”
Blurred Lines
“When I had long hair, I always felt like I was hiding behind it in a way. I like to think of myself as a mix of both feminine and masculine energies, and now that I have short hair, I don’t have to pretend like I’m not. I like to blur those lines.”
So Freeing
“While I do love my short hair how it is now, I’m not attached to it like some people are. You could shave it right now and I’d probably love it just as much! Many women are scared to chop their hair — I get it, cutting it short for the first time was freaky — but honestly, it’s become such a true expression of who I am. It was really freeing to just let it go.”
If you have naturally curly or wavy short hair but want to get it straight, use a flat brush and the concentrator nozzle attachment to create controlled airflow. Brush your hair back and forth from left to right — using your head and forehead as your guide to shape and smooth your hair. The technique is called wrap drying, and it’s super effective if you don’t want to use a flat iron.
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