Little Girl Banned From School Photo Because Of Her... HAIR BOW?

Oh Daily Mail. We try so hard, but we just can't quit you. How can we be expected to when you bring us such gems as the feminist body hair protest and Kate Middleton's excessively muscled legs? We know that most of your stories are gimmicky, but every now and then there's a piece that resonates down to our very core. Today, we read just such a story. It's the tale of little Marcella Marino and her forbidden hair bow.
For Marcella's class photo day, her hairdresser father crafted a sweet bow made up of Marcella's long blonde hair. But before she could take her photo, the mean-spirited school officials pulled Marcella away, saying she was inappropriately dressed. Say what?
Apparently the school has a ban on all braids and hair accessories, and Marcella's cool coiff was in violation of that code. First of all, what kind of school bans braids? Second, it's a bow, not a braid. Third, is this girl not the most stylish little muffin you've ever seen? We're digging her striped shirt, structured blazer, and pièce-de-résistance hairstyle.
We don't understand why anyone would feel the need to crush Marcella's burgeoning sense of style with a restrictive, and frankly, completely ridiculous rule. How is her hair bow offensive or inappropriate? Does banning the bow somehow keep the other kids safe? We think she looks adorable and wish our dads had been that skilled with our strands. We'd definitely look back on our school photos with fonder memories if we had looked this chic. Plus, we're feeling more than a little bummed that the only photo little Marcella is going to have of her bow is this so-sad, near-tears shot. (The Daily Mail)
Should schools be allowed to ban certain hairstyles, or is this just another example of an administration gone mad with power?
Photo: Via The Daily Mail

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