If NY Grocery Stores Can Sell Wine We’ll Take The Day Off

Just last night, we were heading home for a homemade dinner when we realized all we had to drink chez nous was some finely aged cough syrup. Of course, the liquor store was closed, and though the local deli had all the Bud Limes a frat party could ever need, our palette was craving a nice, ice cold glass of Pinot Grigio. So, there we were, stuck up shit's creek and wondering why there couldn't be some Yellow Tail chillin' next to the brewskis. Apparently, it's a question lots of vino-heads here have been posing, and now proponents are stepping up their attempts to legalize the sale of wine in grocery stores. The New Yorkers for Economic Growth and Open Markets now has an ad campaign pushing for the move—it highlights the fact that the only people who are really opposed to the bill liquor stores, and the politicians who get their lobbying $, natch. So, if 35 states and Fresh Direct can sell the grape, we're a little confused about why the Big Apple has to be such a teetotaler. Seriously, Whole Foods Tikka Masala and a nice Chianti? We'd cheers to that. Watch the ad below! (Gothamist)

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